Abeno Harukasu in going near buildings or mountains, although scenic, but the buildings and mountains cannot look surprisingly well. Abeno Harukasu introduction to see scenic spots.

The other day, Abeno Harukasu in talk I got close to that we have written on this site.

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Recently Abeno Harukasu in not climbing, but in fact near Abeno Harukasu found a good spot to see.

Speaking somewhere, abeno of “Muji” is on the 4th floor of the North Building “Abeno and” outside veranda.

Trying to shop and drop to muji, there the Abeno Harukasu could see the spot.

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Photos of Abeno Harukasu can be seen


Have even planted grass, is feeling rather veranda and a small garden, I thought, is a great place to take pictures in the near.

Without thinking, I found absolutely nothing place, I think. So please buy something at muji.

From Umeda and Namba district abenobashi will also feel like a more interesting point designation and it is a homework in the future. I think looks interesting view from the Tsutenkaku.

Next the Abeno Harukasu to climb. At that time, up to the site.

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