Instant ramen invention Museum located in Ikeda City, Osaka. It is free admission deals attractions. The announcement on who will go by car, parking information and modest deals received will go to the announcement.

Located in Ikeda, Osaka, instant ramen. It is affordable tourist attractions can get free admission, and original kapler doll making experience also can be that, a very popular tourist attractions.


Please visit the detailed location
Map of the momofuku Ando instant ramen Museum-basic information

Osaka instant ramen invention Museum parking lot is crowded, not parking

I think also that he planned in the momofuku Ando instant ramen Museum, car and more. Honesty, recommended to visit in the car is not. The momofuku Ando instant ramen Museum parking is certainly there are very fewer, filled with open in the morning (at 9). Open parking lot went to management, instant ramen invention Museum several times, but have never seen.

If, as it’s disgusting, that recommended parking Daiei preferred Ikeda station (operated by parking times). Parking here is crowded on weekends during daytime, but also broad and Memorial Hall is not enough. However, sometimes that line to get into the parking lot, so please note that point.

After the metered parking around the Memorial. And the guards stopped me in the entrance way, ramen go in the car, and, near the parking map, you can stop here if you will be guided.
However near the parking is free, the premise is so, thank you anyway.

Is the area around the Memorial, very stringent on-street parking areas. And police station are nearby. I parked at a nearby convenience store, dangerous. Because the car being towed from the convenience store, never seen.
The instant ramen Museum in Osaka from Ikeda station on the Hankyu walk 7-go walking 8 minutes, so naturally most recommended is waking.

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Osaka instant ramen invention Museum deals

Learn the history of instant noodles and enters into instant ramen Museum, exhibits many exhibited. Put machine in the middle of the exhibition hall you can quiz 3. I recommend the game, try.
What game and to answer 5 questions in 4 or more, and can get Notepad! After seeing the exhibition Street and haven’t seen the exhibition seriously this quiz is hard, grade level, so please try.
Fine comes out receipt from the machine and correctly answer four questions above. And take that receipt to accept and could replace Notepad. But surprisingly few do not.
But the Notepad, but from I could observe one day one by one, rule.

Instant ramen Museum, Saturday and Sunday lunch since the mazes of cup noodles are very good breakfast. So it is recommended to go in the morning. It is through getting done by noon, briefly seen, eating instant noodles in Memorial Hall, home of the recommended. And try to eat own cup noodles tasted slowly at home.

Parking information for instant ramen Museum in Osaka and deals.

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