Arima Onsen, Hyogo Prefecture, famous on a nationwide scale. Is very convenient location, even day trips from Osaka and Kobe cities, but access from Arima Onsen and Osaka is convenient bus.

As Japan’s leading hot spring resorts, Arima Onsen, Hyogo Prefecture is famous. Close to the large cities of Kobe and Osaka, conveniently located and historic hot springs that is actually rare in Japan. In various rankings to Arima Onsen has top, and appreciated its benefits.

In general anything or get to the ARIMA, to go by train. ARIMA ARIMA railway station and there’s hot springs. Stretches and pass through the station but the smell of sulfur is not hot like city landscape.
By train go to Arima Onsen is common, but I go by bus is very convenient. Bus is recommended especially from Osaka to go to Arima Onsen.

Below is a map of Arima Onsen
map of Arima Onsen

Daytrips from Osaka and Kobe Arima Onsen

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From Osaka Umeda to Arima Onsen by train

It looks like below and I access to Arima Onsen, trains from Umeda Kita Osaka center.

-Umeda station (Hankyu Kobe line) → Kobe Sannomiya Station → (subway) → Tanigami Station→ (Shintetsu Arima line) → Arima Guchi
-Duration-1 hour 1210 Yen
-Umeda →Kobe Sannomiya by Hanshin even 1210 yen, JR is 1300 Yen

From Osaka city centre go to Arima Onsen in about one hour from ARIMA hot springs waterfront is a staggering in a sense. Kobe Arima hot springs, and it’s ARIMA hot springs in about 30 minutes. Notice there are staying at Arima Onsen, Kobe taking a walk, and visitors from afar as well as Kobe’s, but very friendly.

If going from Kobe Arima hot springs in the best 30 minutes by train. Close 10 minutes compared to other spas while from Osaka in Arima Onsen, but trains in about 1 hour going from city, but actually another access way to ARIMA. It is a “bus”.

You can feel the Kobe subway to Arima Onsen is approximately 30 minutes

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Access to Arima Onsen by bus from Osaka Umeda

From Osaka Umeda ARIMA had direct bus by Hankyu bus.

-interval every 1 hours 1-2
-Duration-1 hour, 1370 Yen
-Ticket purchase locations → Hankyu bus (Umeda 3-City)

At the below site for Hankyu bus

Arima Onsen is 1 hour aboard a bus bought tickets in Arima Onsen direct bus from the Hankyu bus, bus, arrives. Sat direct causes transit’s train, bus and Arima Onsen is aligned.Hankyu train than a higher +160 yen +160 yen worth.

I bath in Osaka several times-is from the Arima Onsen. Never was late for the bus and it is a beautiful sight outside the window of the bus.

Convenient access in Arima Onsen and bath

Bus early booking recommended

From Osaka to Arima Onsen bus, go can take ordinary, in fact back needs attention.
Because there are people that come from Arima Onsen and Osaka natural crowded bus. Case can’t last bus times and tickets, especially on weekends and holidays. So if the holiday go by bus from Arima Onsen in Osaka, you buy ahead of time featured bus tickets.

Explore the town of Arima Onsen ahead dude buy a bus ticket, until the bus comes, this is recommended.

“ARIMA cider”. Intense carbonate is impressive.

Arima Onsen, actually left home early and enjoy taking a day trip is unexpectedly recommended. I think rare so close to the city you can enjoy a variety of hot springs. However, the article while writing to Arima Onsen is has been like. Work people let’s go after a paragraph or seems to be, at that time still from Osaka bus goes by.