Established as a tourist destination in Osaka Abeno Harukasu Observatory. May have to queue up to climb up to the lookout, latency is how long? Turn smoothly in the book, but book day ticket 500 yen is higher.

Being established as a tourist destination in Osaka Abeno Harukasu Observatory. Tourists are even once to go elsewhere. Open 3/7/2014, and one month passed a little so I went really.

I went Saturday morning and afternoon 2 times! At least two times in the observation deck ticket long lines. Is the matrix, fits on the floor of the ticket that up was growing. So hit the floor and even ushers who many will be directed at the end.

I asked usher people. How much time to buy a ticket? Then when heard in the early afternoon in about 20 minutes, he answered, I heard in the morning was about 30 minutes, he answered. 


I think in time is also where tourist together am hungry but wait if you wait 30 minutes on Saturday afternoon. Compared to recent Roppongi Hills observation deck I don’t know, because muji Roppongi Hills observation deck and storage arranged at least 30 minutes, I can wait for hours.

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Abeno Harukasu Observatory’s reserved tickets are 500 yen higher!

Abeno Harukasu Observatory hate designation observation deck to go along! , And who has reserved tickets for the Observatory. Book a date on the Internet, go to the Office at that time just abeno can climb up to the observation deck of the designation. (it can buy Family Mart), however the price adult 2000 yen! Tickets for the regular 1500 yen from 500 yen.

Abeno Harukasu Observatory tickets can be purchased at family Mart

I say 500 yen price difference is very subtle, pricing is a good think. In not devaluing, but hey worth the price. But price said that waste of time, and the occasional tourist we gulp, out. It is Osaka.

Open, in one month I wait about 30 minutes, until there packed it’s, there’s, I don’t think the original tennojiya and abeno Namba and Umeda district, and become so super crowded place or not because it is not.

Caretaker Abeno Harukasu Observatory not climbing, said designation or climbed. Passed just near and I had time, I walk and collapsed just is. But I am going to try climbing either. Next, Abeno Harukasu when climbed designation Observatory also reports.

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