In Ningyo-cho neighborhood, many people in the know always oyakodon shop matrix is made to noon, and speaking? Its name is “TamaHide”. Not a parent-child bowl shop, in fact Shamo Nabeya (sukiyaki of Shamo), you know that, you filled was surprisingly small.

I went to eat a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs in such “TamaHide”! Indeed of taste, ten and several years dream of come true, there was a big satisfaction. Any visit their stay.

What is “TamaHIide”?

In Ningyo-cho neighborhood, parent-child bowl shop that always can be of matrix to lunch “TamaHide”. The very first to know the store, also before another ten years.

Management’s favorite bird, I want to go someday…, And also while I think, if impassable the near Tama, usual matrix. Absorbing it impossible but…, And go opportunity without month and day I have too.

However, the other day of finally lunch at “TamaHide”, took the opportunity eating a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs. No longer, so it is taste, but wish come true in large satisfaction. There refer to the visit record of such “TamaHide”.

Arrival in 11:25

Let’s go to it so “TamaHide”, it was of the thought that, 11 o’clock, which finished the errands in Nihonbashi. None until the evening the next scheduled. “TamaHide” to walk about 10 minutes, there is only another this is going Desho. Toward the “TamaHide” in why, I went walking from the vicinity of Mitsukoshi.

The vicinity of “TamaHide” is, previous to friend lived, half because there was a yakitori shop became a hangout, you can walk without looking at the map. And soon “TamaHide” arrival. Arrival time is 25 minutes at 11.

Naa will line up, but forecasts had been with, it is truly the other matrix. However matrix is ​​not less. Since the opening of the store, such as 30 minutes at 11, maybe this is put in as soon as you possibly? ? ?

But side by side where he overheard the story of the people are, how you are already first batch enter the store. After all, “TamaHide” is not sweet. Well, to a certain time, do you wait alongside relaxed. Watching smartphone, we decided to enjoy the time you are side by side or view scenery.


series in the hallway in the entrance is

About 30 minutes to line up outside of the matrix. Or take still 30 minutes. But safely, it will put us next person Dozo, and in the entrance.

In, I was surprised also matrix in the hallway in the earlier took off their shoes at the front door …. Do Do “TamaHide”, and here there is another matrix.
And if there is a way to series of the matrix, where finish your accounting earlier system. Management people, we ordered Korezo parent and child rice bowl “TamaHide”, the normal parent-child bowl that.

Visit the day, but was quite a hot day, the middle corridor is comfortable to have worked is cooler. Smell of incense also, including becoming likely shop appearance out to the era drama, you feel the wind flow.

And about 15 minutes to wait in the middle corridor. It is in finally was passed in the parlor of “TamaHide”. About 45 minutes to reach here. Do this is if available out work in the early afternoon.

Lunch menu and rates of “TamaHide”, there is also a course

By the way, lunch menu of “TamaHide” is as follows. (All prices including tax, June 2016)

– Parent and child bowl 1,500 yen
– “Samadhi (Zammai)” parent-child bowl 1,900 yen
→ chicken wings, thigh-breast meat containing
– The upper lever oyakodon 2,000 yen
→ upper lever cored
– “Pole (perfection)” parent-child bowl 2,200 yen
→ Broiled aged white meat containing

There is also a course of Atoranchi. If course, without line up to the store of the matrix Can you through the intact shop. So go Tokyo in tourism, “TamaHide” is if it can be one + investment purposes, there is also a lunch of course.

· Original parent-child noon all 3,300 yen
→ Shamo Shigure boiled, collagen soup, original bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs, pickles, Mizugashi


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I ate a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs of TamaHide

From threaded in to the parlor, about 10 minutes. And are sipping a cold barley tea, the first came out is, collagen soup of Shamo. There are shops that come out to the ball in yakitori (rather than Shamo, is common of bird), it’s good. Let’s see…, And think and put the opening, the Ume and this.

In fact, management people do not ever eat Shamo, so I do not know the taste of Shamo. But Shamo of collagen soup, while there is a bird of the rich, have been refreshed, super horse. Oh, you want to change you, I felt so real.

Then, when are sipping and Umaiumai collagen soup of Shamo, bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs that came finally. The waiting time is about 1 hour, But appeared bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs that long-awaited for more than 15 years in front of the eye.


You will immediately. The other taste not to mention Umai! The best balance of the egg and the chicken and the broth is. After, of egg melts condition is exquisite, was impressed with the degree melts of eggs in the bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs, the first time in my life. Foamed oyakodon riding of eggs, is Umasugi.

We eat and earnestly delicious delicious. Since went alone, talk does not have even the other party, caretaker eating the silently oyakodon alone. Umai, Umai. . .

I could go for a little more amount, and although I have thought is custodian of some large eating, another taste is very satisfied. About I waited one hour, but there was a waiting was worth, and I really think. (Because I hate the line up basically)

Oh, satisfaction satisfaction. A dozen years of desire is fulfilled, It should be noted that in and delicious bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs to eat large satisfaction, it did was after the “TamaHide”. When you leave the store, the matrix is ​​has become the first from the long, was still I thought was right to go to early, and.

There was a large happy to eat a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs of “TamaHide”. It is mon want to eat sukiyaki of Shamo of this menu of “TamaHide” next time. Since the price is equivalent to, but Shamo sukiyaki is really, I also dream of also feel like a dream.

Anyway desire of a dozen years, it is possible to eat a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs of “TamaHide”, large satisfaction. Also I want to go if there is an opportunity.

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