Osaka and Tokyo ramen noodles, but we have various eating, without permission to discuss the differences. Same Japan, what with wonder is so difference in ramen in Osaka and Tokyo?

I had the opportunity to eat ramen for the first time in a long time in Osaka. Soiya, after a long time of eating ramen. In, ramen eating, in Tokyo of Hope eaves just like ramen, was hmmmm Tokyo ramen like, and I thought. And the recall was in Tokyo of Ramen and about the differences between Osaka of ramen.

Tokyo it is ramen think delicious

 Frankly, the overall ramen I think better of Tokyo is delicious. is the last custodian of personal opinion. Especially taste of food, so a difference of opinion there is a very large part, but I think he is a lot of people of different opinions, caretaker of the tongue I think so.

I’m a lover Tokyo of soy sauce ramen, this is. I’ve eaten in a variety of places, soy sauce ramen overall level is higher. Ramen “Futaba” of Ogikubo is very well, I am most impressed. It was good towards the “Futaba” from “Haruki-ya” in the same Ogikubo. In fact, if there is a store of soy sauce ramen called “MaruTakashi” as close to (I think was the) of “Haruki-ya”, here also the But was delicious (old Daniel pleasure Mr., had been introduced in the cookbook), now is I’m no longer.

On the other hand, Osaka of ramen. Honest, this, I wonder’m there is no taste that. Ramen is famous in Osaka, the idea of ​​janitor that, that (I think I and delicious) there Naa’m not a ramen “Kanza”. I do a western-style ramen, “Kanza” is. It was a thing all night in a ramen silly, such as eating of “Kanza”, speaking saw.
“Jinlong Ramen” is also is not bad of Namba, Domo Standing eating ramen Ppoku (always go Midosuji shop,’s a Standing eating), the atmosphere is not good enough? But, Osaka of ramen, a whole when compared to Tokyo, we feel like is losing.

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But overall food is delicious better of Osaka

But, even if just because Tokyo ramen is good than Osaka Ramen, at all in overall better of Osaka food is I think delicious. Well, ramen and yakitori and other than sushi, would not the good better of Osaka from Tokyo. Excluding ramen, yakitori also sushi is also a food of the night, that normally eat what most prefer the Osaka good. In particular, it led to grilled meat, I think overwhelmingly that it wins more of Osaka.

Grilled meat is very good is more of Osaka

If you think so, do not it good to well better of Tokyo about ramen, I think. For example, Hakata ramen. It is so because the wait is out and the longer the word, to another chance (janitor, ramen shop Ramen Alley in Hakata Station, I went all stores, laughs).

Ramen of demon, the real Mr. Sano is passed away, I do not want to eat ramen, and I went to eat ramen I thought, you can think of that as described above, we can recall. Compared to earlier, because of the year? Have reduced the opportunity to eat certainly ramen There is also (… perhaps a good thing in the body), also we hope to want to develop if there is a good noodle shop.

This site does not intend to in the ramen of site, but carefree Eating out is favorite caretaker, might slightly increase the food system of articles in the future. Continue in the future, Thank you for your patronage.

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