Speaking of “Taisyoken” of wearing noodles with no people which is not known in Tokyo well-established store. “Taisyoken” of Namba Ppoku Osaka, there was barefoot dark ramen.

Ikebukuro Speaking of well-established store of noodles dipped in Tokyo “Taisyoken”, each “Taisyoken” which is goodwill from there have luck in Tokyo around. In fact subtly is different taste by shop “Taisyoken.” Although janitor also tried what items or, indeed subtly taste is different. Base of seafood-based soy sauce is the same “Taisyoken” of where, but Toka depth of seasoning Toka dashi, you can unexpectedly interesting just to find the difference. Such “Taisyoken”, in fact there is a shop in Osaka’s Namba. Although there from previously knew, we have finally gone to “Taisyoken” of Namba.

Start from a conversation with an acquaintance of favorite ramen

It is not a ramen mania, but eat to walk favorite caretaker of ramen, it was a story of Osaka acquaintance and ramen. So out to the have is number “Taisyoken” .”Taisyoken”, certainly I taste is slightly different by the store, there is no difference as to say so much Decho, and you say, “Taisyoken” of Osaka from a little bit different with the “Taisyoken” of Tokyo, to try once Mirubeshi, and things. Wow, “Taisyoken” of number “Taisyoken” of Tokyo whether taste is the difference. This can do nothing but try anymore! I went with that, of Namba Osaka “Taisyoken”.

“Taisyoken” of Osaka is a little different from the appearance of the soup Tokyo

Actually caretaker, I noodle is useless. And I’m sorry, but not good noodle. With that said, we also carried out what shops well-established store of wearing past noodles, but bought all ordinary ramen. “Taisyoken” But past why, it is not that it was only eat ramen. Sorry.

Osaka is in the number “Taisyoken” .It is located on the way from Namba in Nihonbashi district.

Because it was time on weekdays a little late, especially visiting without having to line up. And it will issue a meal ticket of large serving ramen 880 yen to counter.
And out to the have is “Taisyoken” of Namba ramen.

We have cloudy soup compared to ramen of “Taisyoken” of Tokyo

Ramen “Taisyoken” of Tokyo, soy sauce! , But it is the feeling of color that, Osaka ramen of color of the “Taisyoken”, such as similar to the color of the Yokohama family ramen. And the taste ….
Well, it is indeed great victory eaves of ramen, Umai! Seems just “Taisyoken”, the taste of ramen that can be peace of mind. Seafood-based soup is fit to warm the thick noodles, it meets. This is “Taisyoken” of Naa’m ramen, and thinking Mire if after a long time of “Taisyoken” ramen, I was fluent.

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Osaka seems seasoned?

After a long time of “Taisyoken” ramen, but was eating a good good, I remembered that the shift acquaintance was saying distinctive seasoning seems to Osaka, and.
Seasoned seems to Osaka? ? ? Hmm, certainly look I’m looking cloudy soup Unlike “Taisyokens” of Tokyo, But the taste? When previous remembering hard the taste of “Taisyoken” which was food in Tokyo, such as deep and rich soup compared to Tokyo. After seasoning also like modest.
The caretaker of the rule of thumb, if you eat ramen with good wearing noodle shop, but I remain almost somewhat salty (Tokyo of “Taisyoken” also was the case), ramen of “Taisyoken” of Osaka is the saltiness I did not feel so much. This is speaking of what it, there is a darker to Kok is dashi, it is not either and that.
Or say Osaka, but is put out culture Speaking of Kansai, or that “Taisyoken” of ramen also come to Osaka soup is darker? It had said the acquaintance of love ramen, the fact that the taste of the likely Osaka “Taisyoken”?


Ramen “Taisyoken” of Osaka eating while somewhat rash to say. I ate ramen of “Taisyoken” for the first time in a long time, but it was still delicious. Tokyo also Osaka also great victory eaves, based seafood-based soup does not change greatly, ramen of “Taisyoken” of Osaka, I felt like a dark and floats compared to Tokyo. I just said exactly Osaka-style, and.
Actually of Namba I knew from quite before “Taisyoken.” If you go in the vicinity, but was always eat Nagasaki Chanpon of Ringer Hut, and I should have done a little earlier “Taisyoken”, and a little regret. But “Taisyoken” Osaka in this domination. Also, I try to go and I went to the vicinity.

“Taisyoken” of Osaka, and eat while compared with the taste of “Taisyoken” of Tokyo, it might be interesting. Of course, it is the delicious ramen of Osaka “Taisyoken”, but it is further recommended to Tokyo of “Taisyoken” experience. Once compared taste, Are try.

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