Ningyo-cho oyakodon, my impressions of “TamaHide”


In Ningyo-cho neighborhood, many people in the know always oyakodon shop matrix is made to noon, and speaking? Its name is “TamaHide”. Not a parent-child bowl shop, in fact Shamo Nabeya (sukiyaki of Shamo), you know that, you filled was surprisingly small. I went to eat a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs・・・

Abeno Harukasu great location overlooking

Abeno Harukasu in going near buildings or mountains, although scenic, but the buildings and mountains cannot look surprisingly well. Abeno Harukasu introduction to see scenic spots. The other day, Abeno Harukasu in talk I got close to that we have written on this site. Related articles:Abeno Harukasu Observatory waiting time, reservation is 500 yen Recently・・・

Abeno Harukasu Observatory waiting time, reservation is 500 yen

< Established as a tourist destination in Osaka Abeno Harukasu Observatory. May have to queue up to climb up to the lookout, latency is how long? Turn smoothly in the book, but book day ticket 500 yen is higher. Being established as a tourist destination in Osaka Abeno Harukasu Observatory. Tourists are even once to・・・

Convenient bus access from the related article Arima Onsen, Osaka

Arima Onsen, Hyogo Prefecture, famous on a nationwide scale. Is very convenient location, even day trips from Osaka and Kobe cities, but access from Arima Onsen and Osaka is convenient bus. As Japan’s leading hot spring resorts, Arima Onsen, Hyogo Prefecture is famous. Close to the large cities of Kobe and Osaka, conveniently located and・・・

“Taisyoken” of Namba Osaka Ppoku floats was darker!


Speaking of “Taisyoken” of wearing noodles with no people which is not known in Tokyo well-established store. “Taisyoken” of Namba Ppoku Osaka, there was barefoot dark ramen. Ikebukuro Speaking of well-established store of noodles dipped in Tokyo “Taisyoken”, each “Taisyoken” which is goodwill from there have luck in Tokyo around. In fact subtly is different・・・

Osaka instant ramen invention Museum parking lot and deals

Instant ramen invention Museum located in Ikeda City, Osaka. It is free admission deals attractions. The announcement on who will go by car, parking information and modest deals received will go to the announcement. Located in Ikeda, Osaka, instant ramen. It is affordable tourist attractions can get free admission, and original kapler doll making experience・・・